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Handmade is Not Only Better, It's Best

Posted by Brit Ellerman on

Our world is filled with machine-made products and items. Of course, in today’s society, it’s important to have the ability to mass produce. But in a world of mass production and manufacturing, it’s hard to find products that are of quality and handmade. Mass manufacturing has made it hard for small businesses to succeed and reach customers. However, small businesses have one foothold--selling handmade goods and products.

There is no time like today to understand and see the importance of handmade products. Not only is important, but there are many benefits to buying handmade, and even local products. These products hold value for both the customer and business owners, making everyone feel good about their buying decision.

Handmade vs Manufacturing

The Industrial Revolution brought about widespread manufacturing. Producing products at a high rate increasing inventory and lowering prices. This revolution almost eliminated handmade products. Making the desire and want for handmade products skyrocket.

Fast forward several years, even a century, and now handmade products are more valuable. They are treasures that people like to show off and boast about. 

Handmade products are unique and give life to the human voice and creative spirit. Many products are one-of-a-kind and have features or traits that are not consistent in all products. Even in the Texas Saddlery belt collection, there are unique belts. Sure there are multiples of each belt, but one may have a slightly different grain or pattern than the next. That’s the joy of unique handmade products.

Value of Handmade

At Texas Saddlery, we take the time to perfect each product. And we take pride in each one, making sure customers receive the best product available. One that lasts a long time and makes repeat customers. Each handcrafted product holds value, for both the customer and the crafter.

The Feel Good Part

For most people, purchasing handmade products makes them feel good. They know they are buying something unique, something that you can’t just find on a supermarket shelf. And something that someone spent a lot of time and effort to make. Something that the creator put their sincerest effort into building and creating.

Not only are you buying something unique, but you’re supporting small businesses. Most handmade items are sold by small businesses, rather than a large corporation that produces products in mass quantities. You can show your support of local artisans and businesses by buying high-quality handmade products. And it will make you feel good doing it!

Customization Ability

One of the better parts of handmade products is the ability to customize it to your liking or want. Products that aren’t built or manufactured with a machine allow for some flexibility. It’s easier to make a one-off product by hand than by machine.

Customization can include small things like adding your name or a monogram. As a company, you can add a logo and personalize the product for your employees or clients. Giving them a gift that is unmatched and unique.

Some products are even fully customizable and require a customer to give several requests. For example, a Texas Saddlery saddle can be built to the customer requests including size, type of leather, and more. You can even personalize the saddle!

Like Fine Art

Much like many art pieces, handmade products are unique and one-of-a-kind. Since the products and items are not crafted with a machine, it allows for some creativity in the product build. It can even allow for some flaws to come out. For example, a leather belt that is stamped might have different depths in the stamps because it’s done by hand. Thus, making the belt one-of-a-kind and unmatched elsewhere.

The nature of handmade goods and products means that there are very few of them. Making whatever you’re buying, whether to wear it, eat it or maybe decorate your house with it, a fine piece of art. One that you won’t find everywhere.

Shopping and buying handmade items and goods provides many benefits. In this scenario, both the customer and the crafter win. Customers can take pride in knowing they are getting a quality, unique product while supporting a small business. And the crafter takes pride in knowing that someone is getting a product that they worked hard to build, is quality, and will last them a long time to come. Just like Texas Saddlery products!

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